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About Me


We have always had cats in our family,but in 1971 a very special cat changed the rest of my life. MY FIRST SIAMESE.Her name AQUARIUS CELESTIAL BLUE (Lestie to her friends)a beautiful elegant blue point. I fell in love the moment i saw her and the bond we formed was to last many years. Her total dog like devotion, intelligance and affection was second to none.We had Celestial many wonderful years, she gave us so much joy and love,it was a tragic day when she died but her spirit lives on in my heart.
Over the next 20 years we had the joy of owning three more siamese girls, Misty,Cleo and Honey, i dabbled a bit with breeding,had a couple of siamese litters and loved all of the little ones,finding it hard letting them go to their new homes.Because i had a young family of my own to bring up i decided to put breeding on hold for several years and then go into it seriously WHICH I LONGED TO DO.
Finally in 1993 we brought home the beautiful BELLE (Beesiam Memfis Belle) a wonderful chocolate point siamese, we loved each other from day one, a truly special relationship blossomed between us. About a year or so later Belle was mated to a very handsome stud boy and produced her first litter of kittens, i sat with her for hours holding her paw, she wouldnt let me out of her sight, later that evening three perfect little siamese babies were born two girls and a boy and she was the proudest most caring ,loving mother ever. That night a piece of Ferngully magic was made, i was truly hooked. Belle went on to produce several litters and we have her daughter Kristel, son Jake and grandaughter Jessice all still living at home with us now. Tragically Belle is no longer with us at only 5 years old she died of cancer, one of the saddest days of my life but her legacy lives on in her offspring.
I know one day Belle will be waiting to greet me a the Rainbow Bridge.

The Rainbow Bridge

Here is a link to photographs of Belle and her offspring.

Feline Photo Album

Favorite Stuff

My favourite things about having lots of beautiful cats are:cats never argue.They will always be there.they always know what mood your in,and they never cease to amaze and enthrall.
the things i dont like about cats are:um um um.

Favorite Quotes

The most I can do for my friend is simply be his friend.
-Henry David Thoreau