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Murphy our Oriental Stud


Murphy was 9 months old when he came to live with us.He settled in very quickly,and we took our time introducing him to his stud quarters.He still comes in at night,but is settling in to his stud quarters very well,and is ready to accept his queens.Murphy will be happy to recieve FIV/FELV neg ladies.
Murphy became a champion last month winning his third cc at the surrey and sussex show.He gained his title in three straight shows we are very very proud of him


Murphy is a very handsome lad,he carries Siamese and dilute.He is a proven stud having already sired a litter of seven.He has mated two of our girls and we await the results.


Murphy is also a show cat and has enjoyed some success on the show learn more click on the link.

Show Cats

Murphy has a super pedigree and he is a very good example of the breed.He is a big baby and loves to be carried around on your shoulder.He is also a very big boy,and has good eye colour and a sound Cinnamon coat.