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Show Cats


Murphy has enjoyed an excellent start to his show career,he was shown twice as a kitten,he was nominated best in show in one,and won best in show at the other.He has only been shown once as an adult so far,and won his first CC.and got best of breed.So we hope for good things from him in the future.
Murphy has done us proud he gained his title in his first three shows as an adult.we will now try to get him to grand champion.


Rohese Red Rascal(rabbit)

This is rabbit at the Supreme cat show.He went on to win Best of Breed,and almost made best of variety.
He is a very handsome Red spotted Oriental.


Here we have Shantoga Sonnyboy (sonny).
He is a Cinnamon Oriental,he has very good type.He won 2ccs as an entire,and has 2 pcs as a neuter,one more to go to become a premiere.
To know Sonny is to love him.


Ferngully Darkest Afrika,brother to Indiya his owners call him Edmund.He has had a great start to his show career,in his first show he won his open and got best of breed,plus other firsts in the side classes.
In his second show he won his open ,got best of breed and also won best Oriental in show.One more win and he becomes a premier.


We are proud and pleased to announce that Eddie was made up to Premiere at the Supreme show this year.It is a wonderfull acheivement,and his owners Karen and Kevin Duffy are very proud of him.They are now on the show merry-go-round again hoping to get him to Grand Premiere,we wish them well.

Shantoga Ferngully Fabian a cream point siamese,Fabian won 2cc`s as an entire,but he never liked showing much and spent most of the show hiding under his blanket.More can be learnt about Fabian in Photo Album.

Feline Photo Album


Ferngully Indiya a black Oriental,daughter of Lucifer and Tia.She makes her show debut at the coming Bob cats show,if she does as well as her brother Eddie we will be well pleased.