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Caspur our Siamese Stud

Shantoga Aramis (Caspur)

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Caspur is a cream point siamese male (32c).He is almost two years old.He has been fathering strong healthy litters since he was nine months old.He is happy and contented at stud,and looks forward to his visits from his queens.
Caspur is very gentle with maidens


Casper is at limited stud to fiv/felv neg.queens a test is required on the day of reception.
Caspers home comforts include a purpose built,heated/lighted stud house with an outside run measuring 15ftx16ftand11ft high.He has his own radio which he likes tuned to Southern sound.When his stud services are not required, he has his girlfriend our Bengal" Nikita" to keep him company.
We make sure Caspur has plenty of human company as he loves his cuddles,which is reflected in his nature.
Caspur is a blue based creame pt and carries chocolate,caramel and apricot,not forgetting blue.
stud enquiries are welcome.

stud enquiries